About The Authors

We are mother-daughter team Ellen and Yana, two designers from New York by way of the Soviet Union. Our illustrator, Tanya, is an artist living in Ukraine (very authentic!)

About Yana

Born in Ukraine, raised in Brooklyn. I’m a ux & visual designer by trade, but at a writer at heart, and I oscillate between the two. When I’m not obsessing over either fonts or semicolons, I like to cook and eat anything and everything. I also love dumb-looking animals and making ape noises.

My website is

About Ellen

Ellen has been a designer since her wild days in Kiev, Ukraine. She’s been teaching design to rowdy students – starting with her own kid – for over 10 years. She can tell when something is one pixel off from 20 miles away and can wield Photoshop like an expert even in her sleep. She loves making ape noises as well. We once sang the Blue Danube in ape noises, possibly our greatest collaborative work. Aside for this book.

Ellen’s website is

About Kurochka Clothing

We started Kurocha Clothing because we wanted to create a company where we could showcase Russian and Ukrainian culture in a quirky way, all the while feeding you morsels of fun facts and trivia about our culture and history. We make t-shirts, gifts and more with illustrations inspired by Russian and Ukrainian culture, folk tales and food – a cookbook was the only logical progression.

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