More Than Borsch explores the true nature of Russian and Ukrainian culture through classic recipes, culinary history, foodie literature and enlightening tidbits, satiating both the stomach and the brain.

The book is divided into three parts: the first is a concise, approachable, yet thorough history of both the country and the cuisine, tracing the origin of the region from an 8th century Viking layover to an expanse which incorporates 11 time zones.

Next are more than 100 classic dishes that cover over a thousand years of Russian and Ukrainian culinary history and represent the very core of the cuisine, enhanced by factoids and tidbits, humor and quirky, original illustrations.

The final section features Slavic literature, from folk tales every child knows by heart to Chekhov’s paean to blini to contemporary authors using food as a symbol to rail against the system.

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About the authors

Mother-daughter team Ellen and Yana are two artists, designers, and food lovers from the Soviet Union, living in Brooklyn, New York.

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About Kurocha Clothing

We started Kurocha Clothing because we wanted to create a company where we could showcase Russian and Ukrainian culture in a quirky way, all the while feeding you morsels of fun facts and trivia about our culture and history. We make t-shirts, gifts and more with illustrations inspired by Russian and Ukrainian culture, folk tales and food – a cookbook was the only logical progression.

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